About us


The Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation is an organization dedicated to shaping and developing organizational frameworks according to Scandinavian standards. The Foundation specializes in education, culture and civilizational communication. The foundation’s headquarters are in Örebro, Sweden, and it was established in 2003. The Foundation has branches in Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

Our Vision
To be a distinct organization in Scandinavia with the knowledge to provide general education, and also participate in society by presenting Arabic and Islamic culture, through civilizational communication.

Our Message
We strive to create a basic, competitive model that stands out institutionally, and is aimed at people from the Muslim minorities in Scandinavia. We will promote cultural communication in Scandinavia between Muslims, Arabs and mainstream society through bridge-building and modern methods.

Our Strategic Objectives:
• To build a distinctive model for different institutions and Islamic Centers in the Scandinavian countries.
• To create educational model institutions for the various stages of education.
• To enhance the role of Muslim minorities in Scandinavia.
• To help ensure that Scandinavian society, educational institutions, and cultures will be aware of each other through dialog and modern communication channels.

Our Values
Dialogue, tolerance, coexistence, honesty, openness, quality, transparency, and to be a good citizen.


The activity of Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation rests on three legs. We engage in the fields of education, culture and civilizational communication, and public relations.

The Department of Education at the Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation is run in accordance with its formulated goals and visions. The Department is focused on education and training, the environment and sustainability, health and social needs, as well as the arts and culture.
In addition, this department works towards establishing pre-schools and elementary schools, and developing teaching materials and curriculums for the Arabic language and culture.

Media and IT development have increased the need for explanation and description of cultural heritage, religion and tradition. This Department contributes to a wide variety of activities, such as publications, exhibitions, and dialogue conferences in cooperation with authorities and other organizations.