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Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundations message about identity and citizenship in Denmark

Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation representative, deputy secretary general Hussein Daoudi, education manager Shaheen Mahmoud, secretary for public relations Hussein Issa, director of the Office of Waqf in Denmark Aorta Mahmoud and a member of the Office of stay in Denmark Mohammed Khatib attended a conference which dealt with identity and citizenship Continue reading

The high school students spend the day visiting the Swedish Parliament and the Natural History Museum.

Secondary Students travelled to Stockholm to visit the parliament and Natural History Museum. Continue reading

Assistant Secretary-General for Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation Hussein Aldaoudi meets a magazine published in Kuwait

Advocacy work in Scandinavia has not been an accident, it was based on a number of factors, foremost is to build bridges of communication between the Arab-Islamic civilization, eastern civilization, Scandinavian banks and the region Scandinavia includes countries not included in the conflicts between civilizations historically with Islam and Muslims. Continue reading

Sheikh Ayesh bin Ahmed al-Qahtani visiting Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation Headquarters

Alrisalah Skandinaviska Stiftelse besöktes av Sheikh Ayesh Bin Ahmed Al-Qahtani, den islamiska predikanten känd tillsammans med några äldste i Örebro moskén. Continue reading

Forum of the World Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief

Secretary General of Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation in the second Media Forum of the World Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief

The Committee on Media and Publishing and information of the World Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief under the patronage of the world body for the memorization of the Koran and people of the Koran. The channel established is Second Media Forum Board entitled Media Quranic Continue reading