Monthly Archives: February 2013

Kuwait celebrate its national day

President Hussein Aldaoudi, Education Manager Mahmoud Shahin and Communications Director Hussein Al-Essa visited the Kuwaiti cultural center in Stockholm to congratulate and join the festivities on Kuwait’s National Day. Continue reading

Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation office and kindergarden in Denmark

lrisalah Scandinavian Foundation has branches throughout the North. Denmark, Iceland and Norway have their own offices and conduct its own business related to Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation. Continue reading

The Kitchen and the staff

Research shows that healthy food will strengthen your body and immune system. Alrisalah Scandinavian Foundation promotes high quality halal food that students in Alsalam school is offered each day. Continue reading

Studys about Islam

Education is the social institution that is considered to be among society’s most important cornerstones. Continue reading

Eye on the situation – but then what?

Alsalamschool is invited to an important school conference on 13-14 March in Örebro, Conventum. Continue reading